Our team at QUBE are as passionate and driven about building horseboxes as you are about your horses and the sport.

The QUBE concept is not just a production line but a unique, made to measure product constructed by professionals who have decades of experience in building and repairing horse trucks and motorhomes.

Technicians with the know-how needed to create a truck that meets the user’s expectations.

The QUBE style is unique and distinctive!

An immovable body is built on a rock-solid UNDERCARRIAGE, made entirely out of aluminum.

The construction of the horse section is designed to transport your athletes in safety and comfort.

The trendy MOBILHOME optimises the space and light available.

Every material used is of the highest quality and we only fit top-brand appliances.

A modern DESIGN for the living space makes your truck your new second home.

THE QUBE team created a sporty and modern POWERHOUSE 

 … a real ‘thoroughbred’.

Ready for the next generation